Electronic building systems have experienced tremendous growth in quantity, complexity, and critical function. As these systems become more complex, the need to quickly and effectively respond to emergency information has intensified, even while the number of qualified personnel who are onsite when a problem occurs and are able to respond has often been reduced. The need has never been greater to have systems that can quickly get actionable status and emergency information into the hands of those that can act effectively.

In addition to getting emergency information to the right place at the right time, there are many other non-emergency scenarios that can be improved by implementing more comprehensive monitoring and control systems.

The Intelligraphics System enables large buildings, facilities, and campuses to provide a low cost, comprehensive monitoring, control, and maintenance system for their vital electronic systems.

Intelligraphics provides an unprecedented level of system reporting options, inspection reporting options, enhancements and add on services.

As a non-proprietary software system, Intelligraphics has the unique ability to take information from virtually any manufacturer’s electronic system in virtually any format, extract, and translate it, and display it in a standard format on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and handheld computers and smartphones

We look forward to demonstrating to you the advantages of Intelligraphics.